Trust & Safety For Users

Kamloops Storage- Beta 


As a host, you are responsible for understanding and complying with all laws and regulations that apply to your personal listings and host services. An example of these are that some locations are required by law to obtain licenses, permits, etc. or might not allow third parties to host storage on their premises. Kamloops Storage is not responsible for any penalties that you may include for not identifying and complying with set requirements. Please seek legal guidance if needed. 

When recreating a listing you will need to provide all the conditions for the storage, this would include text, location, price, size, security (Please see Storage options to find more details). This information must be accurate, complete and up-to-date. The host must keep the storage area up to standards and description in listing.  

In case of no payment the host may dispose or sell any stored items to recuperate any unpaid fees.  

Host cannot upload, publish or transmit any fraudulent, false, misleading or deceptive content (information, images, etc.) 



As a renter you are responsible when deciding whether to use a specific host service/listing. Renter and host must communicate and interact prior transaction. The renter must not store any prohibited goods. 

You will undertake the fee payment promptly and upon confirmation with the host. Keep in mind that in case of no payment the host may dispose or sell any stored items to recuperate any unpaid fees. 

When emptying a storage space, the area must be returned to the host in the same conditions as it was handed. In the unlikely event of any damage to the storage space caused by the goods or by negligence of the renter. The renter must pay the compensation for the repairs/replacements of the damaged storage space 


Obligations of Users 

Users must register within the website/app and will need to complete a host or renter sign-in application, which will collect all the registration details of the user account. You are responsible to keep your Kamloops Storage account private.   

You may provide your email or login through Facebook/Google. Account verification would be completed through email/phone verification.

Each listing that a host provides once accepted will enter in a legally binding contract with the renter.  

Termination and cancellations of booking

As an user you are able to cancel your contract with/without penalty:

Check the cancelation policies HERE

Insurance *coming soon

Private Insurance *coming soon

Mobile Applications *coming soon